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What is your "Italy" Personality?

So you have finally decided to take that long awaited journey to Italy. Maybe you are going alone, with your spouse or perhaps your entire family, no matter, the decision has been made and the deposit put down for your trip. Now what? An Italy vacation brings so much opportunity to experience the diversity of a country rich in beauty, tradition and history. You could bask in the sun on the Amalfi Coast, sip wine in Tuscany or tour along the Italian Riviera. So, with so much to choose, how do you?

Unfortunately, there is no Myers-Briggs test that can behold your Italy personality. Your trip to Italy is special and must be tailored to you as a matter of preferences, experiences and memories you have of yet to bring to the surface. Travel2Italy will help you construct the Italy vacation that suits your travel needs and ultimately your Italy personality. Still, if you feel overwhelmed with the opportunities available in this beautiful country and are not quite sure how to narrow down your experiences, start here by asking the following questions:

Do I have a passion for wine?
From connoisseur to novice, those who enjoy wine should make a few destinations mandatory while on travel in Italy.  Latium (or Lazio) outside of Rome is known for its white wines like Marino, Colli Albani, and Frascati.  If you have additional time to explore outside of Rome, seek out Umbria and taste Orvieto and Torgiano which are well known in that area. Another stopping point would be the more obvious (and picturesque) of Tuscany. Its charming countryside of green valleys and rolling hills set the tone for an amazing tasting experience.  As part of private Italy tours, visit the Chianti countryside and stop by local vineyards while exploring the towns of Greve and Castellina. After a fulfilling day of tasting the local fares, rest at the Borgo la Bagnaia Resort and Spa in Siena. As one of the five star luxury hotels in Italy, it is an exclusive medieval estate in the heart of the Tuscan countryside. Lastly, Sicily is also home to numerous vineyards due to its hot climate and volcanic soil. Though many of these vineyards only produce table wines, sampling Marsala, a dessert wine, will be an experience you will not soon forget as part of a Sicily vacation.  

Do I love history?
Almost all travel packages to Italy give you the opportunity to experience a little bit of history while traveling about this fascinating destination. As a country at the core of the Roman Empire, housing the headquarters of Catholicism and setting the modern era in motion with the Renaissance, there is much to see and do while traveling about. Making your first stop in Rome you will celebrate its long history touring monuments, churches and restored ruins gaining understanding why it is known as the Eternal City. As part of a private half day walking tour you can see the Coliseum and marvel at this massive entertainment arena. As another architectural feat to behold, take a tour of the Roman Forum. As a center of city life in ancient times, this location played host to festivals, celebrations, funerals and political speeches. You can also take a tour of Vatican City, which has been an independent state since 1929. Within it you will by guided through St. Peter’s Square which was designed by Bernini in the late 17th century. You will stop in St. Peter’s Basilica and view Michelangelo’s Pietà, climb to the rooftop to witness the square from above and gaze at the masterpieces held in the Vatican Museum including Michelangelo’s painted ceiling at the Sistine Chapel.

Do I want to relax on the beach?
If lounging by the sea is a critical focus to vacationing, than an Amalfi Coast vacation is ideal for you. A landscape of towering bluffs, terraced hillsides and blue waters, this destination provides several accessible locations along its coast including Sorrento, Amalfi, Positano and Ravello in which to enjoy your vacation. However, if you want to ensure private beach time, stay at the Hotel Santa Caterina on the Amalfi. A late 19th century villa, it hosts a beach club with private beach access for the duration of your stay. If you want a more public experience, try the popular Arienzo Beach located a few miles outside of Positano. But why limit yourself to the coastline when by water taxi you can also explore the nearby island of Capri? Take a day trip to Capri and experience the island’s most glamorous beaches in Marina Piccola. With a view of the Via Krupp, it is also within swimming distance of the Faraglioni where there are two private beach clubs. If you prefer natural beauty while on the water, add a tour of the blue grotto while venturing on the island.

Do I want to vacation with the rich and famous?
One of your best bets for celebrity sightings in Italy is on an Italian Riviera vacation. Frequented by global celebrities such as Rhianna, Madonna, Tom Cruise and George Clooney (to name a few), have been seen around this area. In its elegance, towns such as Portofino lure famous yachts to its ports for a little shopping or rest and relaxation. With its shoreline of sparkling blue waters and slopes filled with flowers, this village sits on a rocky peninsula showcasing colorful buildings backed intree-covered hills making it a place hard for anyone to resist. If you choose to stay there, try the Hotel Splendido, one of Italy's finest hotels which is set in a former monastery just above the village overlooking the harbor. Complete with fabulous views and heated saltwater infinity pool, it guarantees a feeling of timeless luxury and a perfect spot to gaze at famous yachts docked in the harbor. While in the area, try a private tour to explore the beautiful coastline of Cinque Terre and the villages of Riomaggiore and Manarola. You will also travel by boat to Vernazza and check out Moterosso for its historic center while ending your day with a Schiacchetra wine tasting.

Even without a known test to unveil your Italy personality, answering these questions will give you a great start in selecting from the many Italy vacation packages. In narrowing down your preferred experiences, you will inadvertently also begin to pinpoint the areas of Italy most suited to your vacation desires. With so much to see and do on a limited time basis, it is important to be clear on your idea of what leisure and enjoyment in Italy should be like. Therefore, through this mini-questionnaire and with the help of Travel2Italy expert consultants, you will experience this destination exactly how you always wanted it to be from start to finish.

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